Soundbars and SoundbasesHigh end passive 3-channel (L/C/R) speaker

Soundbars appeal to some people who like a neat single unit for their front area rather than multiple speakers. Our high end passive soundbars and soundbases need to be used with a quality Home theatre receiver, and are not small or plastic, but made of black or white wood, or a selection of veneers like our other speakers. They have quality larger drivers and serious crossover designs to create crystal clear, full dynamic sound, and are not light weight, so generally wall mounted or put on a cabinet and not attached to your TV. We can sometimes customise the size and shape a little to suit your situation and some can be made deep enough to act as a base for your TV. These larger, passive high end, better sound quality soundbars and soundbases are only meant to handle the front channels, and need the addition of a HT receiver, subwoofer and suitable rear or ceiling speakers. A good alternative for people who don't want to sacrifice sound quality, power, realism and dynamics when going to a soundbar to save space and clutter.

Veneers and stains

Clear or stained semi gloss lacquered American Oak veneer.
Blackwood veneer costs extra. Veneers and stains may vary slightly.

American Oak veneer
Light Oak stain
Baltic stain
Walnut stain
Rose Mahogany stain
Charcoal Black stain
Non veneer soft white
Blackwood Veneer

passive 3 channel 2 way high end

Man figure seated for scale comparison

Price: $1150 (or $695 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: Approx 15kgs. 1200w x 160h x 300d bench or 1200w x 200h x 160d wall
Power Handling: 80 wrms per ch
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 60 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 90dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 4 x 135 mm paper cone bass/mid with large magnet ; 3 x 25mm soft dome tweeters for crystal clear highs.
Description: a high end large and powerful 2-way L/C/R soundbar that can be bench or wall mounted (see sizes) using excellent design and drivers, powerful low resonance tweeter to cross over lower; soundbase version 1200w x 160h x 300d ; very natural realistic voice reproduction, and enough power to handle any size HT system where a simple single cabinet at the front is desired. Very good off-axis response horizontally. Can be custom built with different lengths. Outstanding all round performance when integrated with receiver, Surround and/or Atmos speakers and sub.