Sentinel Smaller 2-way floorstander series

The Sentinels are a range of elegant medium sized two-way floorstanders with a single high performing woofer and tweeter, but all the clarity, control and extended range of some of the larger series -- just a little less power. All Ascension speakers use a similar very smooth and unique type of high performing crossover design, adapted and fine-tuned, of course, to the various two-way or three-way driver configurations and power requirements. This is what gives Ascension High Resolution Speakers their consistency in musicality and detail across the whole range, along with other unique design features - including a hybrid Transmission Line bass loading principal for smooth, natural and extended bass impact.

These 2-way floorstanders are made with quality parts and represent great value. They allow for a small footprint and an elegant solution to your audio needs.

All speakers include grilles. All grilles are removable but any speaker can be made without grilles if you request.

Overview of models in the Sentinel series
Veneers and stains
Natural semi-gloss American oak veneer, that can also be stained.
American Oak veneer
American Oak
Light Oak stain
Light Oak
Oak stain
European Oak
Baltic stain
Walnut stain
Dark Walnut stain
Dark Walnut
Rose Mahogany stain
Rose Mahogany
Jarrah stain
Black stain
Non veneered colours
Soft white colour
Soft White
Black colour
Premium veneers (extra cost)
Blackwood veneer
Queensland Walnut veneer
Queensland Walnut
Redheart Sassafras veneer
Red-heart Sassafras
Quilted Bubinga veneer
Quilted Bubinga
Blackheart Sassafras veneer
Black-heart Sassafras
See veneers, colours and finishes page.

Sentinel 842DRTL & 842DVTL
8" 2-way medium floorstander

Description and Specifications

Price: 842DRTL: $1095/pr (or $695 kit less cabinet); 842DVTL: $995 ($595 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: 920h x 240w x 315d Transmission Line
Power Handling: 140 wrms
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 33 -- 40,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 91dB 1w/1m
Drivers: modified 220 mm coated fibre cone woofer/mid; high efficiency "airy" ribbon tweeter or quality 25mm dome tweeter
Description: This is one of the best 2-way single woofer floorstanders around. Smooth, clean and detailed sound, with bass that reaches down to the twenties, due to its Transmission Line bass loading. Ribbon tweeter is now standard in one model. $100 less for dome tweeter version 842DVTL.

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $350

Sentinel 632PRTL & 632PVTL
6" 2-way smaller floorstander

Description and Specifications

Price: 632PRTL $995/pr (or $595 kit less cabinet); 632PVTL $895 (or $450 kit without cabinet)
Cabinet: 920h x 200w x 315d Transmission Line 36 litres
Power Handling: 120 w nominal
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 35 --40,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 91dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 180 mm coated fibre cone woofer/mid; true ribbon tweeter or 25mm horn loaded soft dome tweeter.
Description: superb quality sound in a smaller floorstander using high end drivers. For smaller rooms than the 842TRTL if used alone, but its midrange precision makes it a perfect choice front and/or rear even in very large systems with our high performing subwoofers. The only difference between these models is either the ribbon tweeter or dome tweeter.

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $325

Sentinel 512SV
6" 2-way small floorstander

Description and Specifications

Price: $750/pr (or $395 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: 800h x 160w x 165d Bass Reflex 11 litres
Power Handling: 75 w nominal/120 wmax
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 55 --35,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 89dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 5 inch SB Acoustics square series woofer/mid; 26mm high efficiency tweeter.
Description: For smaller rooms this speaker is ideal. Also makes a very good small footprint slim tower speaker for a home theatre system front and/or rear.

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $300

Sentinel 512