Firesprite SeriesSmaller bookshelf and HT surround

Firesprites are smaller bookshelf speakers suitable for use as surround/rear/high wall or stereo speakers, or all round a complete five, seven, or nine or more speaker home theatre system plus subwoofer in a small, medium or even large rooms.  With one or two of our subwoofers appropriate for your size room and you will have a very dynamic system far superior to the mass produced all-in-one box speaker packages you see in chain stores. The Firesprite is smaller and less powerful than the Woodfox, but has all the clarity and listening satisfaction. Great for intimate rooms as a stereo speaker, but needs a subwoofer when used as a high end satellite in large rooms.

As with all our models, drivers can be matched to the rest of the drivers in your ordered system. All these Firesprites have good bass output for a smaller bookshelf, meaning that the subwoofer does not have to take over above 60 -- 80 Hertz, and can stay well within the omni-directional range of low frequencies -- and therefore not draw attention away from the real source of action in the sound sphere of a multi-speaker movie system, or sound stage of a 2.1 or 2.2 stereo system.

All speakers include grilles. All grilles are removable but any speaker can be made without grilles if you request.

Speaker stands are available.

Overview of models in the Firespite series
Veneers and stains
Natural semi-gloss American oak veneer, that can also be stained.
American Oak veneer
American Oak
Light Oak stain
Light Oak
Oak stain
European Oak
Baltic stain
Walnut stain
Dark Walnut stain
Dark Walnut
Rose Mahogany stain
Rose Mahogany
Jarrah stain
Black stain
Non veneered colours
Soft white colour
Soft White
Black colour
Premium veneers (extra cost)
Blackwood veneer
Queensland Walnut veneer
Queensland Walnut
Redheart Sassafras veneer
Red-heart Sassafras
Quilted Bubinga veneer
Quilted Bubinga
Blackheart Sassafras veneer
Black-heart Sassafras
See veneers, colours and finishes page.

Firesprite 602PR
high end 6" woofer 2-way bookshelf

Description and Specifications

Price: $795/pr (or $495 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: 300h x 200w x 215d bass reflex 7 litres
Power Handling: 100/150 wrms/wmax
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (or 4 ohms on request)
Frequency Response: 55 -- 40,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 89.5dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 6.5 inch long throw quality wool and fibre cone bass/mid driver and true ribbon tweeter for superb highs
Description: Ultra smooth and fast response; this is a beautiful sounding little speaker that packs a lot of punch along with its "being there" clarity, also an ideal speaker as a studio monitor or in a satellite home theatre system. Ideal speaker for music shops etc. where wider dispersion is required.

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $275

Firesprite 502sr

Firesprite 602PV (F602PV)
higher power 6" woofer 2-way bookshelf (or wall-mount size option)

Description and Specifications

Price: $550/pr (or $395 kit less cabinet), $495 for compact version (see below)
Cabinet: 300h x 200w x 215d bass reflex 7 litres; or 300h x 170w x 160d compact sealed box satellite version, 4 litres.
Power Handling: 100/150 wrms/wmax (@ 80 Hertz crossover).
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms 
Frequency Response: 59 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-2dB; (80 -- 30,000 Hertz for compact version)
Sensitivity: 89dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 6.5 inch long throw quality wool and fibre cone bass/mid driver; Danish 25 mm textile dome tweeter
Description: This little bookshelf speaker has good bass performance and power for its size. Very suitable for wall or shelf/cabinet mounting, especially the compact version. Used as surround speakers in a home theatre system, or for a complete satellite system. Generally used with a subwoofer, but the larger version makes an ideal quality stereo pair of stand-mount or bookshelf speakers for a small room.

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $275

Firesprite 602
Firesprite f602
Light oak, jarrah, oak, white.
(right) Blackwood F602SR ribbon upgrade.
Firesprite model f602 and 602 Showing various wall mounting horizontally or vertically

Firesprite 502SV
small 5" woofer 2-way bookshelf

Description and Specifications

Price: $450/pr (or $250 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: 300h x 150w x 185d bass reflex 4 litres
Power Handling: 60/120 wrms/wmax
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 68 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 88dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 5 inch SB Acoustics square series woofer/mid; 25 mm textile soft dome tweeter
Description: The is the smallest speaker we make, but it does not sacrifice any fullness of sound. Not at all "tinny". Beautiful sound for its size.

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $275

Firesprite 502sv
(Above) Firesprite model 502SV