Speaker Repairs

We can

  • Replace the broken foam roll suspension ring on woofers with foam or longer lasting rubber. This needs to be done fairly quickly after the cone edge breaks completely free, or damage to the voice coil can occur. Even before they split, the worn out and weak foam rings will be reducing the quality of bass reproduction. Once repaired, the woofer/driver should be as good as new. In some cases, a new modern rubber suspension ring will actually allow the speaker to perform better than when it was new. Same day service on request for extra.
  • Reform or replace pushed in dome dust caps.
  • Replace woofers, midranges, tweeters, terminals, crossovers, etc., with components of a similar or higher standard.
  • Repair or rebuild grill board/frame, cloth and clips.
  • Redesign poorly designed or faulty crossovers. The crossover is one of the most important parts of a good speaker, it should smoothly separate the signal to the appropriate drivers, and protect them.
  • Completely redesign and upgrade your old speakers to a much higher quality standard of clarity and power. This will be easier and less expensive than buying new ones, if your tired old speakers still have suitable cabinets you are accustomed to, or fond of.

A common problem with old speakers with foam suspension rings is that they deteriorate (turn to tar, crumble, crack, fall into pieces etc.). In most cases the suspension ring can be replaced and the speaker will be as good as new again for another 15 years of use or more.

Prices for replacing suspension rings: 8 inch or less $40, 10 inch $45, 12 inch $50, 15 inch $60. Some specialist speakers may cost a bit more. Rubber surrounds (where available) cost about $5 extra.

Subwoofer repairs (for most brands/models) - We can repair or replace most subwoofer drivers with something suitable, we can replace broken subwoofer amplifers with another suitable one but we don't do electronic repairs to amplifiers.

We don't do electronic repairs to amplifiers or other electronic equipment generally but we can often replace them.

Old Speaker Rebuilds

Rebuilt system example (using your old boxes)

100 watts RMS, 8 inch large magnet mid/Woofers, quality 1 inch dome tweeters that we will adapt to your boxes from $390 with a pair of professionally installed and tuned crossovers, terminals, ports, etc. as needed. They will match and surpass many high priced speakers in hifi shops. Or, you could build new boxes to our plans if you wish. We have many models that can be adapted to any size box, (2 way, 3 way, large, small, etc.) very versatile!

Upgrade your old Speakers

Some ASCENSION models can be adapted to your cabinets at greatly reduced prices if they are of similar internal volume and have a suitable front baffle for adaptation -- many to choose from; similar to the kit price of each model.

Enquire about any other speaker system you might desire. All built to high standards of technical and sound quality.  Guaranteed! Great savings!

Turntable Repairs and Servicing

We can refer you to a turntable specialist who can repair, adjust and tune up quality turntables to tip top condition again.

Drive Belts

Most sizes of standard turntable drive belts are available if you know the diametre, width and thickness of the belt.