Speaker Kits

Any of our models can be supplied in kit form without cabinets if you wish to make your own. The kits will give you all drivers, crossovers, terminals, wiring, ports, dampening, grill cloth and clips and all design instructions for you to build the cabinets yourself with your own choice of materials and finish, etc. No woodwork is supplied, just all the components and plans.

Kits are very popular with people who are reasonably handy, are able to and wish to do much of the work themselves for a sense of achievement and maybe to save money. We will supply all the quality components with crossovers already built and also a detailed set of measurements and instructions to build your own cabinets with helpful suggestions to get you started, and finished! So you can sit back proudly and say "I built those" and they will sound excellent too. Most of our kits are approximately two thirds the price of fully built models. The kits do not supply the timber, so you build them yourselves in whatever finish you may choose.