Ambassador Slimline 4 woofer/mid floorstander series

If you wish to have full-range but slim and unobtrusive floorstanders that have all the realism, beautiful musicality and power of our larger speakers, then this series is for you. Very slim but deep, this series can still produce exceptional bass in smaller rooms with the 44PV, and in larger spaces with the 45FRTL, 46PFHTL and the 46SHTL. These high level multi-driver two or three-way designs have been taken to an astounding level of performance, and for very reasonable prices.

All speakers include grilles. All grilles are removable but any speaker can be made without grilles if you request.

Overview of models in the Ambassador series
Veneers and stains
Natural semi-gloss American oak veneer, that can also be stained.
American Oak veneer
American Oak
Light Oak stain
Light Oak
Oak stain
European Oak
Baltic stain
Walnut stain
Dark Walnut stain
Dark Walnut
Rose Mahogany stain
Rose Mahogany
Jarrah stain
Black stain
Non veneered colours
Soft white colour
Soft White
Black colour
Premium veneers (extra cost)
Blackwood veneer
Queensland Walnut veneer
Queensland Walnut
Redheart Sassafras veneer
Red-heart Sassafras
Quilted Bubinga veneer
Quilted Bubinga
Blackheart Sassafras veneer
Black-heart Sassafras
See veneers, colours and finishes page.

Ambassador 44SV
4 x 4" small slim floorstander 2-way

Description and Specifications

Price: $1195/pr (or $795 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: 1020h x 160w x 315d 30 litres bass reflex
Power Handling: 160 wrms
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 44 -- 30,000 Hertz +/-3dB
Sensitivity: 90dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 4 x 5 inch SB Acoustics square series woofer/mid; 26 mm soft dome tweeter, 2 1/2 way design.
Description: This is for people who like their speakers not to take over the whole living room, uncompromising high quality smooth sound from a very narrow slim speaker.  Beautiful bass, superb midrange and excellent highs, and a speaker that has real power and efficiency too!  A high end replacement for the cheap commercial narrow pedestal speakers often seen in "all in one box systems".

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $350


Ambassador 45SRTL
4 x 5" medium slim floorstander 2-way transmission line

Description and Specifications

Price: $1495/pr (or $995 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: 1125h x 200w x 350d 45 litres Transmission Line
Power Handling: 180 wrms
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 33 -- 40,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 92dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 4 x 5 inch SB Acoustics bass/mid drivers; Ribbon tweeter with low distortion and good off-axis response.
Description: This is a larger, more powerful speaker than the 2 1/2 way 44PV but still with only 200mm wide face, and using some very fine drivers. It has very good off-axis response and sound-stage.  Superb speaker that is just the right balance between size, power and high end performance. A 3 way version of this speaker with separate midrange driver is $200 extra.

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $375

Ambassador 46SRTL
4 x 6" large slim floorstander 3-way transmission line

Description and Specifications

Price: $1995/pr (or $1395 kit less cabinet)
Cabinet: 1220h x 240w x 415d 68 litres Transmission Line
Power Handling: 200 wrms
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 26 -- 40,000 Hertz +/-2dB
Sensitivity: 93dB 1w/1m
Drivers: 4 x 170 mm SB Acoustics bass drivers and 5 inch super smooth mid-range; high efficiency ribbon tweeter with superb micro detail.
Description:The ultimate speaker in this series. The bass is exceptional in detail and extension, the mid-range very natural, and the beautiful treble from the ultra light diaphragm ribbon high frequency driver is integrated seamlessly into the mix with our specially designed smooth dual series crossover. These multi-driver large and slim speakers increase the over-all effect and size of the "sound stage".  

Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $400